Olga Maslikhova

Olga is a managing partner at Phystech Ventures, she co-founded in 2013. She focuses preliminary on b2b companies in IoT, automotive and cybersecurity and leads investments in North America and South East Asia. Olga is serving on the boards of several Phystech Ventures-backed companies and is actively involved in business operations of most of her portfolio. She is a mentor at Techstars Mobility Detroit.

As an investor, Olga is passionate about all things mobility and helps technology entrepreneurs who develop deep tech solutions for large and densely populated cities to scale their ventures across regions & boarders.

Apart from Phystech Ventures, Olga is an early investor in companies like ClassPass, VINEBOX, MelScience, Jetti and Cibando (acquired by Zomato).

Olga studies wine as her hobby and holds a number of certificates including WSET level 1,2 and 3.